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About Lydias Media

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Lydia’s Media was founded by Brooklyn native, Lydia Ashley Haddad, in 2019. With a passion for social media from a young age, she started publicizing and posting about brands she loved on her personal account and after tons of positive feedback and encouragement, she saw the opportunity, and Lydia's Media was born!


With now, over 25 brands in her network Lydia has curated a team of top media professionals to work alongside her and help deliver white glove service to all her clients. She graduated Marymount Manhattan college with a major in Communications/Public Relations and a minor in business management.

Lydia Ashley Haddad

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Social Media Producer
Eddie is the CFO of Lydia’s Media. He graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's of Science and Economics. Eddie helps make company decisions to influence the growth of Lydia's Media as CFO
Working with people as well as the dynamic nature of being a Social Media Manager are the things Lena loves most about her job. Lena's background as a TV editor and her higher education in Cologne, Germany in Media Management as well as her work experience make her well acquainted with corporate communication through social networks.
Executive Assistant
Social Media Manager
Lillie is Lydia's Executive Assistant at Lydia's Media. She oversees the scheduling and posting of content, coordinates meetings, and maintains client relations. Lillie is a Junior at Yeshiva University and is majoring in Media Studies.
Paula is a social media manager at Lydia’s Media currently pursuing a bachelor's degree at NYU’s Media, Culture and Communications program. She has a passion for satiating our clients’ visions and creatively implementing strategic social media campaigns.
Social Media Strategist
Social Media Manager
Amanda is a dynamic social media manager and content strategist with a proven track record of 6+ years. Her core expertise lies in empowering businesses to tap into the potential of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, enabling them to achieve their marketing and communication goals.
Nicole is a social media manager at Lydia’s Media. Nicole graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Her eye for aesthetics has allowed her to carry out clients’ visions through valuable social media strategies that enhance their online presence.
Head of Design, Manager
Social Media Manager
As the Social Media Manager and Head of Design at Lydia's Media, Justyna combines her graphic skills with dual degrees in Image Creation and Media Studies. With a sharp eye for aesthetics and strategic insight, she passionately merges creative vision with a deep understanding of social media dynamics.
Loren is a Social media manager. Currently pursuing a bachelors degree at YU Stern. Loren handles daily operations, which include managing Instagram accounts, boosting client sales, and revamping their social media presence for a fresh and improved look.
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